Philosophy Of The Summit

Who are we?


The Steering Committee of this Summit is composed of public organisations and associations, dedicated to the development of an inclusive tourism which allows all the visitors, whatever their capacities, to take full advantage of the tourist experience offered by the destinations.

What is our objective?

We want to share best practices as much possible with the tourism sector in order to consolidate a global network of destinations for all, accessible to people with specific needs.

Our aim is to ensure that the entire tourism chain, including transportation, offers an obstacle-free experience to all visitors. The declaration “A World for Everyone”, a comprehensive and global plan for action to implement the recommendations of the World Tourism Organisation for inclusive tourism, mirrors our commitment.

Who are we targeting?

Destinations, establishments and any touristic services having a direct interest in inclusive tourism. No matter how many people with specific needs, all hospitality industry professionals must take into account their visitors ‘specific’ needs when choosing or offering a destination, a stay or a visit.

Failing to promote or make available an accessible tourism chain, through promotional material or information will result in the exclusion of a market that continues to grow due to the aging of the population. Join us!

Government decision makers, destination managers, tourism business leaders, civil society actors and professional associations of the tourism and travel sector, build with us a world accessible to all men and women, whatever their needs, by presenting concrete measures and by promoting the latest innovations and best practices for the development of destinations for all.

Check out the Declaration “A World for Everyone” and share with us your achievements that comply with this inclusive Tourism Action Plan.