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Facts & Figures about Brussels

An interesting fact is that Belgium (new window) is separated into 3 regions mainly due to differences in language – French and Dutch speakers. The regions are Flanders in the north (Dutch), Wallonia (new window) in the south (French) and Brussels in the center (Bilingual). There is also a small German-speaking area called the East Cantons.

  • Conventional name for Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
  • Local name: Belgique (French) / België (Dutch) / Belgien (German)
  • Capital city: Brussels, the Brussels-Capital region consists of 19 communes. Brussels is also the Capital of Europe
  • Population: 1.1 million inhabitants in Brussels and roughly 30% of the city’s total population is foreign
  • Location: Western Europe, bordered between the Netherlands, Germany, France and the North Sea
  • Green Spaces: Parks, woods and forests account for 11.4% of the region’s territory
  • Time zone: The time is GMT +1 in winter GMT + 2 in summer
  • Climate: Brussels has a maritime climate, average temperature in summer is ± 16°Celsius (± 60° Fahrenheit) and ± 3°Celsius (± 37° Fahrenheit) in the winter
  • Official languages: French, Dutch and German
  • Monetary unit: Euros (€)
  • The nearest airports for Brussels are: Brussels Airport (new window) (Zaventem) and Brussels South (new window) (Charleroi)
  • Wifi: Wifi.brussels is the official wifi network of the Brussels Capital Region: http://wifi.brussels (new window)

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West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Antwerpen, Limburg, Vlaams-Brabant, Brussels (capital region), Brabant Wallon, Hainaut, Namur, Liège, Luxembourg

Wallonia Tourism

If you wish to extend the experience, we invite you to discover all the charm of the region by enjoying its many attractions. You will appreciate the diversity of its offer: art and culture, pleasures of gastronomy, music and folklore, nature and flora, walks or hikes, relaxation and well-being. Discover now the unique tourist offer of Wallonia, the green destination of Belgium. In addition to its offer of nature and flora, walks and hikes, you will explore its other assets something to seduce everyone!

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