Call For Abstracts

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The second World Summit on Accessible Tourism will present the innovations and best practices for the development of accessible destinations for all. The organisation, development, promotion and services of tourist destinations are the key focus of this World Summit. 

Shape the 2nd World Summit on Accessible Tourism with us!

  • Do you have a lesson or best practices worth sharing?
  • Do you have an experience worth telling?
  • Do you have an idea worth exploring?

We would like to provide a forum for tourism professionals who have introduced strategies and products enabling people to enjoy positive, quality experiences. Destinations for All 2018 is launching a call for abstracts in order to put together the programme for the two-day event running on 1 and 2 October.

Theme 1: Destination Management

Before going on a trip, people want to be sure that they are able to travel to the destination, find accommodation onsite, and enjoy the services on offer. The availability of detailed and accurate information on the destination is therefore crucial for tourists who have specific needs.

This theme aims to identify the key factors that:

  1. Are useful for promoting a destination
  2. Enable the customer to choose that destination
  3. Enable the customer to plan their trip according to their needs
  • Sub-theme 1.1. Destination Marketing and Promotion
  • Sub-theme 1.2. Trip Planning
  • Sub-theme 1.3. Quality of information
  • Sub-theme 1.4. Implementation

Theme 2: Hosting and Security

In addition to the physical adaptations of venues and buildings, the quality of the reception is a primary concern at all levels of the tourist industry. The needs of all customers must be taken into account and appropriate solutions must be provided by the teams’ onsite.

  • Sub-theme 2.1. Staff Training
  • Sub-theme 2.2. Personal Services
  • Sub-theme 2.3. Safety Measures

Theme 3: Accommodation

Progress in the field of universal design allows us to imagine another way of thinking, understanding and building. This approach also applies to the accommodation sector, a key link in the tourism chain

  • Sub-theme 3.1. Universal Design
  • Sub-theme 3.2. Strategy for a group or hotel chain

Theme 4: Transport and Mobility

At their destination, tourists want to be able to get around easily regardless of their needs and chosen mode of transport. In order to ensure that they can get around, strategies and partnerships should be developed and implemented.

  • Sub-theme 4.1. Travel in the environment
  • Sub-theme 4.2. Public Transport Services
  • Sub-theme 4.3. Individual Transport Services
  • Sub-theme 4.4. Adapted Transport Services

Theme 5: Products and Leisure Activities

The tourist industry is skilled at identifying and responding to the wide variety of holiday habits. Nowadays, it must take into account the specific needs of tourists by offering a diverse array of tourist products and activities. Two types of offering are possible:

  1. Inclusive products and activities designed for an entire group that would like to enjoy a ‘shared’ experience
  2. Products and activities adapted to the needs of different people; business tourism is also a part of this trend
  • Sub-theme 5.1. Business Tourism
  • Sub-theme 5.2. Culture, history and heritage
  • Sub-theme 5.3. Events
  • Sub-theme 5.4. Food and catering
  • Sub-theme 5.5. Medical Tourism
  • Sub-theme 5.6. Organised Tours
  • Sub-theme 5.7. Outdoor Activities
  • Sub-theme 5.8. Outdoor Sites
  • Sub-theme 5.9. Roads and themed tours
  • Sub-theme 5.10. Shopping
  • Sub-theme 5.11. Theme Parks
  • Sub-theme 5.12. Visits and guided tours
  • Sub-theme 5.13. Well-being activities
  • Sub-theme 5.14. Other thematic products