How Influence And Cooperation Can Create New Opportunities For Accessible Tourism?

John Morris  –  globetrotter, influencer, blogger and advocate for inclusion. During #dfa2018, John will share a set of best practices and opportunities for businesses and destinations for engaging with and responding to the needs and demands of travellers with disabilities.

Seminar: Influence, Cooperation Create New Opportunities for Accessible Tourism

“As the demand for accessible tourism increases, popular movements seeking greater accessibility and the implementation of universal design practices are ripe for development. Such movements, borne out of discontent with elements of the (inaccessible) status quo, should be seen by governments, destinations and business owners as an opportunity, rather than a liability.”

As the operator of, one of the largest accessible travel websites on the Internet, John Morris represents tens of thousands of readers with disabilities from the United States and around the world who all share a passionate desire and determination to travel, and who should therefore play an important part  in the travel economy. Thanks to his large readership and his own extensive travel experiences, which have given him a unique perspective on the disabled traveller, John Morris has become an influential spokesman for universal travel. He has involved the government and travel providers in the promotion of inclusive development and business practices.

With his passionate commitment to furthering the interest of travellers with disabilities, and examples of his dealings with legislators, government agencies, businesses, and the travel industry, he will share a set of best practices for engaging with and responding to the needs and demands of disabled travellers.

“Collaboration with leaders across the disability community is a winning strategy for all parties, and will be critical to maintaining growth in the accessible travel sector.”

About John Morris

John Morris is the founder of (Orlando, FL, USA) and the owner of the Accessible Development Group. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and Master’s degree in History  from Florida State University and is now a resident of Orlando.

A triple amputee as the result of an accident, John is known for travelling the world with one hand, a passport and his power wheelchair, and he has become an advocate for inclusion within the travel industry. At #dfa2018, John Morris will eloquently share his vision for a world open to people with disabilities, and how it is possible to interest businesses and destination operators in the opportunities within the accessible travel marketplace.


This main sesssion will be held on 1-2 October 2018 in Brussels as part of Destinations for All 2018.

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