A Steering Committee For The Continuation Of Destinations For All, The World Summit For Accessible Tourism

Great news! We have created a steering committee that will focus on ensuring the continuation of Destinations for All world summits.

The committee has been set up, and is presided over jointly, by the organisers of preceding summits (Kéroul and CAWab). Currently, it is made up of the representatives of partners, responsible bodies and of individuals, who will contribute their professional experience and expertise to promote future initiatives in furthering accessible tourism globally. 

Objectives undertaken by the steering committee 


  • To circulate and make available the results of previous summits.(Montreal 2014, Brussels 2018) and of the future summits.
  • To promote the declaration “A World for everyone”.
  • To establish a forum to exchange views and to keep watch on innovations and advances in inclusive transport and tourism that comply with the recommendations of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, and those of the World Tourism Organisation promoting accessible tourism for all.
  • To set up a programme committee for future summits.
  • To determine who will organise, and where and when the next summits will be held.
  • To facilitate the organisers’ work in future summits: planning, content, mailing lists, etc.

Members of this committee


  • Access-i, Belgium
  • ATH, France
  • CAWaB, Belgium
  • Various consultants from Québec, Canada and from the UK
  • ENAT, International
  • ISTO, International
  • Kéroul, Québec, Canada
  • ONCE, Spain
  • Open Doors, USA
  • Predif, Spain
  • Travability, Australia
  • UITP, International 

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You can contribute to inclusive tourism and a better world for all by joining us as a long-term partner of this committee.

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